Every amazing article, thread and podcast I've consumed in 2023 (Updated weekly)

Finding good blog posts and articles can be hard.

  1. If you'e ever considered being a Twitch Streamer

Three hilarious but smart questions to ask yourself if you're hoping to start streaming. Blog #Gaming #SocialMedia #Tech #Humor

2. Why Toxic Content  Wins

Andrew Tate is a piece of shit but here's what you can learn from his creator playbook. Podcast #Creators #Writing #Art #SocialMedia

3. How Generative AI is disrupting the music industry

Forget your office worker gig – is AI about to take Drake's job? Learn more in this beautiful podcast episode from 'Today Explained'.  Podcast #Music #AI

4. Are dogs actually happy being our pets?

Adam Ragusea's warm and fun podcast, which is usually recorded on his couch at home with his dog, explores whether really like being pets or if they are happier with a feral life.